“Let’s take pride in our alma mater and do our bit for women empowerment…..”

Dear Agnesian,

    It gives us great pride and joy to invite you to join in the celebrations as our beloved alma mater turns a glorious 100!!! Thanks to the vision and courage of our foundress Mother Mary Aloysia AC, St Agnes College, the first women’s college on the west coast of India, was established in 1921. From its humble beginnings, St Agnes College has progressed by leaps and bounds, to be one of the premier institutions of higher education in the country, empowering thousands of women. The college has stamped its influence on each of our lives—our education, skills, talents, as well as our character, values, and principles. What we are today, we owe in no small measure to this great institution.

    As we approach the centenary year 2021, the need of the hour is a new structure housing an auditorium, a library, and classrooms. The cost of this Centennial Memorial Block has been estimated at Rs. 15 crores. We, the alumnae, as direct beneficiaries of this institute of repute, would like to take up this project and make this dream a reality. We are spread far and wide, each of us making our own mark in this world, and we owe it to the values and education so selflessly imparted to us during our time within this campus, be it for two, three, or five years.

    We, the alumnae, are the identity and the ambassadors of St Agnes College. Whichever corner of the world life may have taken us, the bond with our alma mater will always remain. So, let’s show our appreciation in whatever measure we can. We have divided the cost of the Centennial Project into hypothetical “bricks”–each brick costing an affordable Rs. 5,000 only. We call upon our mighty alumnae to donate as many bricks as your heart prompts you to. For those who wish to contribute more, we have other options:

     Silver brick (Rs. 1 Lakh), Gold brick (Rs. 5 Lakhs), Platinum brick (Rs. 10 Lakhs), and Classroom (Rs. 25 Lakhs). You may also make a contribution as a family. The names of individual donors contributing Rs. 50,000 and above will find a special mention on a plaque in the new building/classroom. We propose to start the construction in August 2018 and complete it by January 2020. Let’s join hands with our alma mater and contribute to this cause of empowering women.

     In 1921, one courageous woman dared to dream of higher education for women—and her dream gave us our future. It’s time now for us to don her mantle and help others achieve their dreams.

Nothing is impossible……..…brick by brick………..we can do it!!!

We express our gratitude in anticipation of your positive response to our call.

To contribute, click on the appropriate option below:

For any further enquiries, you may email us at: meeraaranha.convener@gmail.com or contact any of the chapter representatives

We appeal to you to join hands with us and make this dream a reality.

 Sr Dr M. Jeswina A.C.


 Dr Meera Aranha

 (Centenary Convener)